Tuesday 1st March
Went through yesterdays key ideas on graphs. Went through gradient. Ex13B 2,3,5,6,7,8,9
Wednesday 2nd March
Direct Variation Ex 13D
Thursday 3rd March
Went through step graphs. Ex 13E 1,3,4,5,6,7,8
Monday 7th March
Simultaneous Equations using Graphs. Ex 13F 1,2,3,4
Wednesday 9th March
Simultaneous Equations ; Drawing your own graphs Ex 13F 5 and 6
Thursday 10th March
Today we looked at line of Best fit. This is when we have a whole lot of points that almost make a straight line. we looked at 3 websites.
http://bit.ly/5rq0cT - Last graph allows you to plot points and see what line of best fit would look like. Try ots of examples
http://bit.ly/gXFcON - one method to do line of best fit
http://bit.ly/eu55xf - a physics teachers site. He goes through about 6 examples with tips well worth a look
Ex13G. Q1,2

Monday 14th March 
Started Chapter 2. Measurement. We did a pretest on conversion of units, scientific notation and significant figures.
Tuesday 15th March
 Sheet handed out. Went through the pretest.  Ex 3.1 (all) and 3.3(q1)
Wednesday 16th March
 Quiz, solutions will be up Monday next week. Ex 2A 6,7,8 col 3, 2C Q3,4 col3, Q9,10 alternate questions, Q13 and 14.
Thursday 17th March
 I was at a meeting. You were given revision sheets on Wed, plus an old exam. This lesson was to do the old exam and continue work on sheet.
Week 8 "MRS HAY is not going to Japan. She is very very sad!!!!!!!"
Monday 21st March
 Looking at error in Measurement. Ex 2F (all)
Tuesday 22nd March
We continued to work on error in measurement. What to do when it involves calculations such as area and perimeter. Ex 2G
Wednesday 23rd March
A bit of a review on past work. We also looked at simple percentage work Ex 2D q1-3